Meet the Gamedev Trainwreck Instructor: Zac Pierce!
Who's the instructor behind the Gamedev Trainwreck channel? And incidentally, what is the Gamedev Trainwreck channel? Let's find out!
NEW Gamedev Trainwreck Time!
Love Gamedev Trainwreck? Don't miss an episode. Come watch Zac in his NEW time and format on Wednesdays at 6 PM EST!
Ready for a Challenge?
Check out the RPG channel lately? You'll notice Instructor Justin has a special challenge for each of his students!
What's the Best LIVE Computer?
Congratulations, you're a LIVE student! Now what about your computer?
30-Day Free Trial
Want to take LIVE for a spin? Take advantage of our 30-day free trial!
Detective Troubleshooter
You run a project...but there's an error! Oh no. How do you fix it? Call Detective Troubleshooter!
LIVE Early Access Pricing
Lock in 30% off! Subscribe to Game-U's online, livestream learning service before Jan. 31st!
2020 Sneak Peak
Can you believe it's almost 2020? We can't! As we ring in the new year, get a sneak peak at what your instructors have in store for 2020.
Inside the Episode: Turtle Snowflake
How does LIVE learning work? Take an inside look at a recent episode of the Code Games channel - Turtle Snowflake - to find out!
Happy Holidays from Game-U LIVE!
Best wishes from the LIVE team as you celebrate this holiday season! Be sure to check out our instructors' awesome holiday challenges.
LIVE 101
Wondering how to get the most out of your time with LIVE? Let's take a look at LIVE 101.
Game Dev Launchpad
Are you an...absolute beginner? That's awesome! We have just the channel for you.
Understanding Difficulty Levels
You've seen them - the Difficulty levels marked on each livestream. But what do they mean? And how should you use them?
Your LIVE Episode
Have you seen the new #suggestions channel in Discord? Time to find out why it's there!
Your Secret Identity
Your identity is just like a superhero's secret identity. It's a secret! Protect your privacy online.
Discord How-To
Keep hearing your instructor mention "Discord"? Wondering what that means? Here's your Discord how-to.
LIVE Mentorship Program
Just need to sit down with someone as you start learning online? We can make that happen!
Early Access EXTENDED!
Love the Early Access subscription plan pricing? Great news! Early Access is extended...just like the leap year!
Calling all Minecrafters
Are you a Minecrafter? Would you like to modify (mod) Minecraft with your own ideas? This new LIVE channel is for you!
Need Some Help?
No worries. There's a button for that.
Instructor Spotlight: Justin Melendez
Meet the instructors! Learn more about LIVE Instructor Justin Melendez.