What is Game-U LIVE?

What makes Game-U LIVE different from the rest? Learn how our team of Pros can help you grow from novice to expert in all areas!

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Sailor Moon Redraw Quiz and Challenge

Test your knowledge of the Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge live stream by taking the Quiz and Challenge.

Operation Pathfinder: Quiz and Challenge

Test your knowledge of the Operation Pathfinder livestream by taking the quiz and completing your instructor's challenge!

Mouse Madness Episode 1: Get Moving!

Get ready to move in this fast-paced survival game!

Create a Path: Quiz & Challenge

Test your knowledge of the Create a Path livestream by taking this Quiz and Challenge!

Hit the Road Episode 6: Take Damage

Learn how to make your players take damage from enemies using variables!

Character Selection: Starter Project

Download these starter project files to participate in the Character Selection livestream.