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King Crate: Finale!

Let’s wrap things up for our puzzle platformer game!

King Crate: Level Transitions Quiz and Challenge

Test your knowledge of the Level Transitions live stream by taking the Quiz and Challenge.

Laser Bomber Pt. 3

The bomb visuals effects are super cool, but how can it be used in a video game? Instructor Justin will show us how to program the behavior of bombs.

Laser Bomber Pt. 2: Quiz & Challenge

Test your knowledge of the Laser Bomber Pt. 2 livestream by taking this Quiz and Challenge!

2D Adventure Part 1: Player Controls

We’re starting our series on top-down, 2D adventure games. If you’ve wanted to create a game like the 2D The Legends of Zelda titles, here’s where to begin!

Laser Bomber Pt. 2

This week, we'll learn how to create the visual effects of the bomb we showed in the previous Laser Bomber stream, which included an explosion, a spark, and a simple pulsating glow.