What is Game-U LIVE?

Rebecca Lilley


We'll teach your kids how to design video games online.



Learn to make games just like this!

Game-U LIVE All Access

$29.99/mo gives you full access to...

  • All livestream channels
  • 10 hours of new episodes weekly
  • 100+ hours of additional content to explore
  • Free 1-on-1 Mentorship Session
  • Tutorials
  • Quizzes
  • Hands-on challenges
  • Personalized tech support and troubleshooting help
  • 30-day free trial

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Make screen time productive time!

Since 2013, Game-U has taught over 5,000 students in all aspects of games development, including game design, coding, animation, 3D modeling, illustration, character design and much more. Using professional tools and techniques, we provide step-by-step guidance, hands-on projects, and support to help kids and adults overcome any obstacles along the way.

Learn on your schedule, right from home!

“Game-U LIVE is a parent’s dream. The convenience alone is worth so much. My son gets to learn & have fun from the comfort of our home and our family schedule is not impacted.” - Kim (Merrick's Mom)

Learn from the Pros

Our professional instructors have worked on some of the biggest games in the industry and offer a wealth of knowledge to students of all abilities. Their mission is to help you or your child every step of the way.

Time Well Spent

Game-U LIVE offers you or your child a chance to further education, test the waters of game design, challenge their creativity and problem-solving skills, and get exposure to a career in game development.

Course Curriculum