LIVE Channels

Gamedev Trainwreck

Wednesdays @ 6PM EST

What happens when you combine a game dev pro, a crazy game challenge, and a livestream? Awesomeness, that's what, and instructor Zac and the Gamedev Trainwreck channel are here to prove it! Watch new episodes each week as Zac shows you live how a game developer tackles building a fun, wacky game.

Role Playing Games

Fridays @ 4:15 PM EST

Blow expectations out of the water with your own RPGs. From dancing woodland villagers to fetch quests, light shows, helpful NPCs, and daring rescues, instructor Justin shows you how to design role playing games from scratch - with a new adventure every week! Step forward, hero. You've got this!

Absolute Beginners

Mondays @ 6 PM EST

Are you a beginner? Awesome! That's the perfect place to get started on your game development journey. Join instructor Cedric each week to learn concepts, game engines, techniques, tools, and more - all from the ground up. If you're new to game development and you don't know where to start, this channel is for you!

Check out our latest livestreams!

King Crate: Finale!
Let’s wrap things up for our puzzle platformer game!
Laser Bomber Pt. 3
The bomb visuals effects are super cool, but how can it be used in a video game? Instructor Justin will show us how to program the behavior of bombs.
2D Adventure Part 1: Player Controls
We’re starting our series on top-down, 2D adventure games. If you’ve wanted to create a game like the 2D The Legends of Zelda titles, here’s where to begin!
Laser Bomber Pt. 2
This week, we'll learn how to create the visual effects of the bomb we showed in the previous Laser Bomber stream, which included an explosion, a spark, and a simple pulsating glow.
King Crate: Level Transitions
Learn how to transition between your levels with style!
King Crate: Using Tilesets
It’s time to start designing our levels with tilesets!
3D Platformer Part 11: Changing Scenes
Today, we’re learning how to move on after you beat the first stage of your game. We can create a whole set of challenging stages this way!
Laser Bomber
Let's learn about raycasting - and how it can be used to make a laser-style Bomberman!