LIVE Channels

Action Adventure

Tuesdays @ 7:30 PM EST

Let instructor Rich teach you how to build games, heroes, and enemies in the professional-grade Unreal Engine. Heroic quests, epic battles, and adventurous characters lie at your fingertips! If you're all about games where the action never stops, this is your channel. New episodes air every week!

Gamedev Trainwreck

Wednesdays @ 6PM EST

What happens when you combine a game dev pro, a crazy game challenge, and a livestream? Awesomeness, that's what, and instructor Zac and the Gamedev Trainwreck channel are here to prove it! Watch new episodes each week as Zac shows you live how a game developer tackles building a fun, wacky game.


Thursdays @ 7:30 PM EST

If you're obsessed with all things manga, you've got to watch instructor Anisah! She'll help you take your art to the next level. You'll discover how to create manga figures, faces, fashions, hair, and so much more. Tune in each week to learn how to make your manga characters come to life!

Role Playing Games

Fridays @ 4:15 PM EST

Blow expectations out of the water with your own RPGs. From dancing woodland villagers to fetch quests, light shows, helpful NPCs, and daring rescues, instructor Justin shows you how to design role playing games from scratch - with a new adventure every week! Step forward, hero. You've got this!

Absolute Beginners

Mondays @ 6 PM EST

Are you a beginner? Awesome! That's the perfect place to get started on your game development journey. Join instructor Cedric each week to learn concepts, game engines, techniques, tools, and more - all from the ground up. If you're new to game development and you don't know where to start, this channel is for you!

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Grab your clubs and get ready for some mini-golf!
3D Platformer Part 2: More Movement
We’re cleaning up our 3D platformer movement from week 1!
Shader Laboratory
Learn the basics on how to create shaders with Unity's Shader Graph! After this lesson, students will be able to apply a glow effect, manufacture a dissolve effect, and displace vertices from any 3D model. It's time to get creative with our graphics!
Robot Makers, Episode 2: Qwerty's Body
We made a head for our Robot, now let's give it a body!
Robot Makers, Episode 1: Qwerty's Head
You can do anything - even build your own comic 3D robot! Let's start with the head.
Super Box Bros: Finale!
This week we are wrapping up our platformer project by adding in a few more obstacles and a win screen!