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Absolute Beginners

Mondays @ 6 PM EST

Are you a beginner? Awesome! That's the perfect place to get started on your game development journey. Join instructor Cedric each week to learn concepts, game engines, techniques, tools, and more - all from the ground up. If you're new to game development and you don't know where to start, this channel is for you!

Gamedev Trainwreck

Wednesdays @ 6PM EST

What happens when you combine a game dev pro, a crazy game challenge, and a livestream? Awesomeness, that's what, and instructor Zac and the Gamedev Trainwreck channel are here to prove it! Watch new episodes each week as Zac shows you live how a game developer tackles building a fun, wacky game.

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Simple RTS Part 6: Delivering Resources
Villagers can pick up resources, and now we’ll teach them to deliver them!
Endless Quest - Part 2: Enemy Spawner
This week, Cedric will show you how to have enemies spawn at random. These enemies serve as the obstacles for the game and will have their own animations. At first our only option will be to jump over the enemies, but soon we will be able to draw our blade and strike them down!
Simple RTS Part 5: Collecting Resources
Time to get to work! Our villagers will learn how to carry out simple tasks for us this week.
Endless Quest - Part 1: Setting the Scene
This week, Cedric will show you how to create an endlessly scrolling scene for an Endless Runner game. You will also learn to import animations for the player character and program how to change between them when running and jumping.
Simple RTS Part 4: Walking Villagers
This week we’re putting our legs to good use and teaching our villagers to walk to their destination instead of teleporting.
Rhythm Revolution: Part 4 - Finishing Touches
Let’s add the finishing touches to our rhythm game!
Simple RTS Part 3: Moving Multiple Units
Let’s get moving! This week, we’re ramping up our player abilities from moving a single villager to moving a bunch at once!
Rhythm Revolution: Part 3 - Song Selection
This week, Cedric will show you how to create a menu screen that will allow you to select which level you want to play.