LIVE 101

Jan 17th 2020

New to Game-U LIVE? Been here for a bit, but looking to do even more? We've got you covered. I'm Rebecca, instructor and LIVE Director, and I'm here to welcome you to LIVE 101!

LIVE 101 is a special episode in the Tutorials channel that walks students through the process of finding, RSVPing to, preparing for, and participating in a livestream. It's a must for new students who want to learn how LIVE works.

In the LIVE 101 episode, I got the chance to meet some of our Founder students and show them the ropes. We talked about livestream channels, LIVE's Discord server, quizzes and challenges, and even how to use tutorials.

The episode answers questions like...

  • What's a livestream channel?
  • What's Discord? Why do we need it?
  • My instructor gave me a challenge and I completed it. How do I upload the files?
  • Can I watch a livestream even after it's over?
  • How do I RSVP to a stream?
  • What do I have to do to prepare for a livestream?

If these sound like questions you want answered, head over to the Tutorials channel and watch LIVE 101! Or, contact me so I can give you a hand with whatever you might need.

Thanks for joining Game-U LIVE! I'm excited to meet each and every one of you on future livestreams.

Oh, wait... How could I forget? The Founders and I discovered the answer to one more important question during that special episode! In case you're wondering, it's not a good idea to open your livestream on YouTube while you're live-streaming. Oh, yes. Rebecca inception, anyone?

Happy LIVE learning!



Rebecca Lilley
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