Understanding Difficulty Levels

Apr 24th 2020

What are the difficulty levels marked on each livestream - and what's the best way for you to use them?

The Levels

Beginner: Beginner livestreams tackle the basics and are a great place to start learning, whether you're new to LIVE or new to a particular LIVE channel (or both)! They assume no prior knowledge or experience with the topics they teach.

Intermediate: This difficulty level engages subjects beyond the basics, and they're a great way to keep leveling up your skills. Intermediate livestreams assume basic knowledge of a subject and build up from there.

Advanced: If you've completed Beginner and Intermediate livestreams in a particular channel and you're ready for more, hop on to an Advanced-level livestream! This level is perfect for challenging your skills and combining them to complete more complex tasks.

Your Path to Level Up

Think of livestream difficulty levels as a guide to where you start in any LIVE channel. If you're new to LIVE or are taking on a new LIVE channel, start with the Beginner-level livestreams first. After you've completed enough of these to feel confident in the material, move on to Intermediate-level livestreams. Finally, after completing enough Intermediate livestreams to feel ready for more, venture into Advanced-level territory.

Expert Guidance

Difficulty levels are great, but what if you want more? We've got that too! Work with a LIVE mentor to come up with a custom learning plan, prepare your workstation, take a tour of LIVE, and more. The first session is free! Contact us to set up your free session today.



Rebecca Lilley
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