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Jan 31st 2020

Whether it's a tutorial on YouTube, a new season of your favorite game, or even a cool sci-fi series on a streaming service, don't you sometimes wish content creators would take your suggestions?

While we can't help with YouTube or Netflix, here at LIVE, our instructors love to hear your suggestions! Whether it's helping instructor Zac decide what asset to use for his race car game (or what crazy challenge he should take on next!), or what Python game instructor Rebecca should teach, or whether instructor Justin's next Unity game should be 2D or 3D, LIVE episodes are designed to be responsive.

In fact, the new Discord #suggestions channel is the result of just that - a suggestion from a LIVE Founder student!

If you're a LIVE student, head to Discord right now by clicking the "Discord" button in the main menu. You'll see all the channels that allow students to get help, meet each other, chat with their instructors, and yes - offer suggestions! Want to see a spaceship game taught next in the Role Playing Games channel? We made that happen. Looking to create a turtlely-awesome Valentine in Python? Stay tuned - that's on its way in the Code Games channel.

Even Instructor Rebecca's latest episode is all about student suggestions! She's challenged her students to submit pitches for the games they'd like her to teach most.

So what are you waiting for? Start throwing your suggestions in the ring, too. Use the Discord #suggestions channel or send your idea straight into the chat during a livestream! Our next LIVE episode could be your LIVE episode.



Rebecca Lilley
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