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Jun 26th 2020

It's time to go on a texturing-building adventure! If you've been following Instructor Justin's RPGs channel, you'll know that textures - the "skins" that define surface appearance - have a lot to do with how game objects look during play.

But how do those textures come to be?

If you checked out the World Building livestream in the past, then you know! Textures are created by game developers or artists, and are often based on the real world. Textures bring an extra level of realism and visual appeal to your game, and can be created from something as simple as quick picture snapped on your smartphone.

So here's instructor Justin's challenge...

  1. Take 4 pictures of different materials near your living space. This can be of walls, floors, rocks tiles, dirt, leaves, furniture, wood, etc.
  2. Transfer those photos onto your computer and import them into a Unity project
  3. Finally, create a level by painting those textures using the terrain system

Once you've finished your level, grab a screenshot and upload it! The completed challenge is worth 100 XP.

Happy texturing hunting!



Rebecca Lilley
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