What's the Best LIVE Computer?

Feb 21st 2020

Welcome to Game-U LIVE! You're subscribed and ready to dive into your first livestream class. But what computer should you use?

We've got your answer!

While you can watch a livestream from any device - be it a phone, a tablet, a Chromebook, a MacBook Air, or a heavy-duty gaming computer - completing projects means using a computer that's equipped to handle whatever software you need.

But don't worry! This computer doesn't need to be ultra-fast or expensive. There are three basic technical specifications you can look out for when deciding what computer to use or what computer to purchase.

Intel i7 Core

Your computer's core (central processing unit) determines how quickly it's going to be able to process data, and therefore plays a key role in determining your computer's speed. To handle programs like Unity, Unreal, Blender, Krita, PyCharm, or GameMaker, you're going to need at least an i7 Core.

500 GB Hard Drive

Hard drives, meanwhile, determine how much space your computer has available. Computers like MacBook Air and Chromebook typically don't have a hard drive and can't install software programs used for LIVE classes. So you'll need a more powerful computer with a hard drive of about 500 GB to install and effectively handle the software commonly used in LIVE classes.

Pro Tip: Look for hard drives that are SSD (solid state drives)! While you can also use a spinning disk hard drive, solid state drives tend to be faster.

8-16 GB RAM

Now what about the RAM? RAM simply stands for random access memory, and it's the memory the computer uses to handle active applications. Unlike your hard drive, RAM isn't used to save information permanently. But the more RAM you have, the more you can do with your computer! Look for at least 8 GB, and preferably 16 GB, of RAM in your ideal LIVE computer.

Need More Info?

Need some help finding the best computer, or still not sure if you have a computer that will work? Let us help! Contact us and one of our instructors will be happy to help you find the perfect LIVE computer.

Happy LIVE learning!



Rebecca Lilley
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