Need Some Help?

May 26th 2020

Sometimes, you just need some help!

Got a bug in your snake game code that you just can't find? Having a hard time with that ghost animation you learned on the Action Adventure channel? Does your Animal Crossings' Isabelle drawing not look quite right? Is your star fighter's movement controls not letting you swerve left?

Let's get help! (Yes, Loki. We are doing "Get Help." And it's awesome!)

When you visit Game-U LIVE, you're going to see a new feature! We've got a "Help," chat button that lets you connect directly to an instructor when you need some help with a project. All you have to do is click, fill out the form, and send! An instructor will get back to you so you can solve your problem as a team.

Let the instructor know your name or your username if you like, and share an email address so he or she can get back to you quickly. Explain the bug you're experiencing and what project you've been working on. You can even attach files - like pictures or scripts - to show what's going wrong!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get help!



Rebecca Lilley
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