Modular Dungeon Cell: Getting Unreal!

Let’s take our assets to the next level! Learn how to implement them in Unreal Engine 4 in this episode of the Modular Dungeon series!


Instructor: Cameron Hillman | Difficulty: Intermediate | Series: Modular Dungeon Cell

Have you ever been playing a game, walked into a huge dungeon, and thought to yourself, “How did they make all of this?" Well, look no further. In this series, instructor Cameron will show you how to create your own modular dungeon cell! You’ll learn how to model, texture, and implement all of the trimmings of a medieval dungeon.

In this episode, students will learn how to export the assets they’ve created over the last 4 episodes and use them in Unreal Engine 4. Unreal Engine is an extremely powerful game engine that hundreds of studios around the world use. It’s also completely free!

Before participating in this livestream or watching the archived video, be sure to follow the following checklist:

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