Introducing: Game-U LIVE!

Oct 14th 2019

Welcome to Game-U LIVE!

Whether you're new to Game-U or you've already attended classes or summer camps at one of our studios, we're excited to welcome you to LIVE, Game-U's online learning platform.

LIVE is intended to eliminate the geographical and logistical limits of learning. Through livestreams, students can study game design, art, programming, and more, even when schedules or locations don't permit on-site classes.

If you're thinking about joining Game-U LIVE as a subscriber and want to know more about how LIVE works and what the subscription benefits are, you've come to the right place.

As a subscriber, you get access to multiple weekly livestream classes with Game-U's pro instructors. RSVP to scheduled livestreams, watch tutorials to set up your machine with new software, download any starter files the instructor provides, join the livestream at "Go" time, and follow along with the instructor as he or she guides you through the skills needed to complete that stream's project goal.

Livestream classes include quizzes as well as instructor challenges, allowing students to objectively test their knowledge and gain additional practice. Later, students can go back and rewatch previous livestreams, catch up on livestreams they missed, and watch their skills grow.

Livestreams are divided into channels, such as Code Games, Manga, Fantasy Worlds, and more, allowing students to customize their learning pathway and focus on completing projects in areas that matter and appeal to them. Livestreams cover topics like coding, game design, art, and more.

Students who need help during a livestream can receive one-on-one attention from an instructor on Game-U LIVE's Discord server, where file sharing and voice chats make identifying bugs, finding answers, and deploying solutions make the troubleshooting process streamlined and effective.

Ready to join our community of LIVE learners? Subscribe today!



Rebecca Lilley
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