Instructor Spotlight: Rich Lee

Nov 7th 2019

Get into character! You'll find Rich, an expert in the Unreal gaming engine, in the Unreal Characters channel - showing you how to create cool characters that matter.

Rich holds a degree in philosophy and a minor in educational psychology from Howard University, where he studied progressive pedagogy for at-risk students. While an undergrad, Rich also took courses in symbolic logic, in practice similar to coding.

Rich worked in Brooklyn for ten years teaching a variety of students, many of which had special cognitive or emotional needs. Prior to his career at Game-U, he was also a video journalist, recording and editing for TV, and studied modeling, rigging, animating, and compositing in 3D for visual effects, as well as game development (including but not limited to ventures into Unreal, Unity, Clickteam Fusion, and Roblox, along with mobile app development in App Inventor and Flutter) – all for the purpose of becoming a more effective media arts educator! In addition, he is a professional videographer and is exploring VFX with Blender and Maya. Currently, he is developing a 3D-animated film based on his life experiences. 

One of the reasons Rich loves Game-U so much is because it encourages him to continue learning, adding to an already vast variety of software, art, and coding skills – thus exercising both logical and artistic parts of the brain and allowing him to reach his full potential.

Tune in to Rich's Unreal Characters channel to unleash all the amazing characters you want to build!



Rebecca Lilley
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