Instructor Spotlight: Nolan Sadowski

Oct 18th 2019

Video games aren't necessarily meant to be played solo. Instructor Nolan loves building party games, where multiple gamers control one player or object. That's why he runs the Party Games channel!

Nolan Sadowski holds a BFA in Digital Game Design from Long Island University and an Associate’s degree in Marketing from Nassau CC.

He has collaborated on several projects, including Couch Potato (more information here!), RNGRPG, and Nigel, and has seen his work featured at events such as GDC, IndieCade East, Long Island Retro Games Expo, and many more.

Nolan is also proficient in a number of development tools, including Unity, OpenFrameworks, Arduino, Illustrator, and Maya. In his leisure time, Nolan enjoys creating games, traveling, and making hot sauce. Take a look at his creations at!



Rebecca Lilley
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