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Instructor: Tyler | Difficulty: Beginner | Challenge: Laser Sword Defense VR

Watch a professional game developer build the game you want him to make!

What’s it like to build a game from scratch? Instructor Tyler will be here to fill in for Zac to show you just that! He’ll take on a challenge and work LIVE to complete it. No prep, no script - just a challenge and a pro. Ready to see what game development is really like?

Our VR Instructor Tyler returns to Gamedev Trainwreck to try his hand at making a Laser Sword Defense game in virtual reality! Defeat enemies, block projectiles and more in this week's stream! If you didn't see the first VR train wreck episode, you can go back and watch Virtual Reality Magic order to be prepared for this stream as Tyler will be jumping right into the game.

Want to create the game along with Tyler? This is optional, but to do so, be sure to complete the following checklist:

Like Tyler, you may use whatever assets you like and have available to complete the project. Be sure to check the free assets offered by Unity!

Gamedev Trainwreck