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Instructor: Zac | Difficulty: Beginner | Challenge: Underwater Frisbee

Watch a professional game developer build the game you want him to make!

What’s it like to build a game from scratch? Instructor Zac is here to show you just that! He’ll take on a challenge and work LIVE to complete it. No prep, no script - just a challenge and a pro. Ready to see what game development is really like?

This week, the challenge is “frisbee, but underwater.” Can we successfully launch a frisbee, or maybe a frisbee fish, to another deep-sea diver?

Want to create the game along with Zac? This is optional, but to do so, be sure to complete the following checklist:

Like Zac, you may use whatever assets you like and have available to complete the project. Be sure to check the free assets offered by Unity!

Gamedev Trainwreck