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Instructor: Anisah Syed | Difficulty: Beginner | Series: Draw a Manga Character

Anisah’s Drawing a Manga Character series takes you step by step through the process of drawing a complete manga character. Pick up great tips and techniques along the way as you learn how to create a base body, make elements of the face such as the eyes and mouth, discover different hair and clothing styles, and then outline and color your manga!

We'll look into how to create the body of a male and female character at 5 1/2 heads tall. This height is generally used for characters, approximately in their pre-teens. We'll also use a style that makes the heads, hands, and feet appear to be oversized for comedic effect. 

Before participating in the livestream or watching the archived video, be sure to follow the following checklist:

You can also participate in the livestream by drawing with paper and pencil!

Manga Total Artist