Hit the Road Episode 8: How to Win

Instructor: Rich | Difficulty: Intermediate | Series: Hit the Road | Project ID: Road to Freedom

We created and animated our hero - now, instructor Rich shows you how to get in the game! Starting with bringing in the character and animation, he'll walk you through every step of creating a game in Unreal Engine.

In this episode, you'll learn how to create a win menu for your game! Win menus confirms a victory for players, assuring them that their effort paid off and they won the game. Instructor Rich shows you how to set up a simple win that tells the player when they achieve the goal, and allows a restart. With a win menu, players can finally beat the game!

You can always watch a livestream anytime! But before following along with the project, be sure to complete the following checklist:

Action Adventure

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Previously recorded June 16th, 2020. Chat is now closed.