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Instructor: Cedric | Difficulty: Beginner | Series: Mouse Madness| Get Moving!

Although Scratch can be great for making quick and easy games, it can also be used to make more complex games. Join Cedric as he creates a fast paced survival game that has one simple rule: don’t touch the black! Dodge bullets, out-maneuver falling spikes, weave through waves of enemies! How long can you survive?

In this episode, Cedric will show you how to create the foundation for this game by making both the controls and one obstacle to overcome. You’ll focus on learning the Broadcast system in Scratch and how you can use it to have sprites communicate with each other.

You can always watch a livestream anytime! But before following along with the project, be sure to complete the following checklist:

  • Watch Prerequisite Classes: None
  • Install Required Software: Scratch
  • Download Starter Project Files: None

Absolute Beginners