Drawing Manga Portraits

Instructor: Anisah | Difficulty: Beginner

Love manga? Love to draw? (Want to love to draw?) Interested in turning your drawing digital? Sit down with instructor Anisah! She'll be teaching you how to draw a manga portrait.

Before participating in the livestream or watching the archived video, be sure to follow the following checklist:

  • Watch Prerequisite Classes: None
  • Install Required Software: Krita
  • Download Starter Project Files: None
  • Collect Your Tools: Obtain a drawing tablet and stylus, or just use your mouse

Go here to learn how to prepare your machine for the livestream.

You can also participate in this livestream by drawing with paper and pencil.

Take the quiz and complete the instructor's challenge to prove your skill mastery!

Getting Started Manga Total Artist

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Previously recorded November 7th, 2019. Chat is now closed.