The 3D Experience: Blender Basics

Instructor: Rich | Difficulty: Beginner | Series: The 3D Experience

A large part of the games we know and love consist of 3D models, animation, rigs, and more. In this series, learn all about the free tools available to create the characters that tell your story, the environments they take place in, and the animations to get things moving!

In this episode, Instructor Rich will give us an introduction to some of these tools by helping us create a character with Blender. From Blender's layout, to rigging and sculpting, Rich does it all! You'll learn about box modeling, sculpting and why we need to rig our characters.

You can always watch a livestream anytime! But before following along with the project, be sure to complete the following checklist:

  • Watch Prerequisite Classes:None
  • Install Required Software: Blender
  • Download Starter Project Files: None

Action Adventure

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