3D Platformer Part 11: Changing Scenes

Today, we’re learning how to move on after you beat the first stage of your game. We can create a whole set of challenging stages this way!


Instructor: Zac | Difficulty: Beginner | Challenge: Add scene changing logic

Watch a professional game developer build the game you want him to make!

What’s it like to build a game from scratch? Instructor Zac is here to show you just that. Join Zac as he teaches you the building blocks of different game genres, as well as a few useful tricks along the way!

This week Zac will add scene transitions in order to switch between levels.

Got a genre of game you want to see made? Want to copy something in your favorite game for yourself? Leave a suggestion in Discord or during a live stream! Zac will make it happen.

Want to create the game along with Zac? This is optional, but to do so, be sure to complete the following checklist:

Like Zac, you may use whatever assets you like and have available to complete the project. Be sure to check the free assets offered by Unity!